New year, new challenge

I notice WordPress are suggesting a PostAWeek2011 challenge (PostADay2011 is a bit intense for me), so I intend to try to post each week.

I was out in the garden this afternoon continuing my undergrowth clearance in readiness for planting a bird-friendly border. There is already a mountain of branches and brambles and I am awaiting a council ‘green bin’ to recycle it all. There’s definitely more than a bin full already!

Its nice to actually see the garden again after all that snow over Christmas. The pond was frozen and covered in six inches of snow for over a week. I cleared snow off some of the pond to let light in – The Garden Pond Blog recommends this to enable the water plants to generate oxygen under the ice. Breaking the ice is no longer thought to be of benefit, which suits me as breaking that ice would have been quite a challenge, and clearing snow is easy! If you have a pond, consider filling in their The Big Pond Thaw 2011 form – they are collating data about the consequences to wildlife of ponds freezing.

~ by janerc on January 1, 2011.

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